Mamoloto Technologies (PTY) LTD

Our Products And Services  


Mamoloto Technologies is a market leader in specialty general contracting with an emphasis on highly complex process electrical installations (LV and MV). Mamoloto Technologies provides a total electrical installation to meet specific client’s needs.

The range of services presently offered may be broadly classified as follows:

Ø Repairs on existing Power Factor Boards

Ø Solar PV, Inverter and battery solutions for residential, commercial and industrial energy users. We do manufacturing of Solar PV, installation and maintenance of off-grid and hybrid renewable energy networks

Ø .Building of new Power Factors Boards (Which carries a guarantee of 24 months[*])

Ø .Issuing of CoC[2] for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Premises

Ø .Wiring of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Premises

Ø .New installations, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage

Ø .Termination and joining of Medium Voltage PEX and Paper Lead cables up to 33kV

Ø .Installation, testing and commissioning of Mini Substations

Ø .Design of electrical systems

Ø .Energy management systems and power audits

Ø .Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Ø .Analysis of Power

Ø .Factory Maintenance

Ø .MV/LV Network Earthing

Ø .Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of plants

Ø .Installation of Lighting

Ø .Electrician on Call 24/7 – 7 Days-a-Week

Ø .1.1kV – 3.3kV power transmission and transformers

Ø .11kV and 22kV power transmissions, jointing, terminations and transformers

Ø .Mini Substations – 11kV and 22kV

Ø .Overhead Lines LV & MV

Ø .Control Panels (Star-delta, motor control etc.)

Ø .Substation maintenance;

Ø .Substation Battery Monitoring and Maintenance;

Ø .Programmable Logic Controllers  (PLC) programming and fault finding; and

Ø .Air Conditioning

Mamoloto Technologies provides engineering consulting on:

Ø Smart Grid analogy and design;

Ø Network planning (LV/MV and ICT);

Ø Maintenance Management Planning and Scheduling; and

Ø Engineering specifications and procurement

Our expert team provides

Ø Engineering & Design;

Ø Procurement;

Ø Construction and commissioning of solar farms;

Ø Commissioning of switch-over electrical installations;

Ø Operations and Maintenance;

Ø Project Feasibility Analysis;

Ø Energy Performance Analysis; and

Ø Research and Development (R & D)[*] Terms & Conditions Apply

[**] Certificate of Compliance